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Dramatic Health introduces "Game Changers in Medicine," a new podcast series

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

New York, NY -- Game Changers in Medicine, the new monthly podcast from Dramatic Health, premieres on July 8, 2020, with “Vitamin K: This vitamin you’ve never heard of may have saved your life,” episode one of a planned six-part series about the serendipitous events, chance encounters, and unlikely heroes and heroines behind some of the world’s most significant medical discoveries. Produced by Dramatic Health co-founder and CEO Sean T. Moloney, the series is hosted by renowned medical futurist, Dr. Rubin Pillay, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

For details on the podcast series, visit www.gamechangersinmedicine.com or hyperurl.co/h4jouh

According to Moloney, who developed Game Changers in Medicine’s concept, “Many significant advances in medicine owe a lot to coincidence and plain dumb luck. Some of the most important achievements in healthcare were the result of fortuitous accidents followed by scientific rigor. But serendipity and science alone don’t improve health and healthcare. It took curious, creative, and determined scientists and clinicians to bring these game-changing medical discoveries to patients’ bedsides—and in the process, to benefit mankind.”

Sean was inspired to create the series by his grandfather Dr. William C. Moloney’s extraordinary career in medicine. Dr. Moloney was a pioneer in the field of hematology and was a recognized authority on chemotherapy treatments for leukemia and lymphoma. He held teaching positions at Tufts Medical School and Harvard Medical School and served as Chief of Hematology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Dramatic Health, a national healthcare video company, began to turn Sean’s vision into podcast documentaries. Sean engaged writer Sharon Johnson, whom he knew from her work co-authoring Dr. Moloney’s memoir Pioneering Hematology, to craft the podcast episodes. In describing the premiere episode, “Vitamin K: This vitamin you’ve never heard of may have saved your life,” Johnson says, “Who would have thought that a solution for excessive bleeding in baby chicks would turn out to be a Nobel Prize-worthy solution for baby humans?”

Sean Moloney has gathered a panel of distinguished experts to help tell the story of the discovery of Vitamin K and share their experiences working with Dr. Moloney. Panelists in this first episode include Dr. H. Franklin Bunn, a prize-winning hematologist at Harvard Medical School; Dr. Bruce Furie, also of Harvard Medical School, who won the American Heart Association’s Distinguished Scientist Award in 2014; Dr. David Rosenthal, former medical director of the Leonard P. Zakim Center for Integrated Therapies at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a professor at Harvard Medical School; and Catherine Ruhl, nurse-midwife and Director of Patient Education at the Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.

Future episodes of Game Changers in Medicine will highlight the serendipitous encounters and surprising stories behind the discoveries of the smallpox vaccine, Warfarin, and insulin.

Game Changers in Medicine is available wherever people find their podcasts. For further information on the podcast series, visit www.gamechangersinmedicine.com

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